From “The Sayings of the Desert Fathers”:

It is good also to bear in mind the great afflictions of
humankind so that the hard and insensitive soul may be softened
and become sensitive to its own evil condition. Weakness in love
of one’s brothers results from allowing logismoi (thoughts) of jealousy
to get in, trusting in your own heart, and an unwillingness to
suffer anything contrary to one’s own choice.
Be of a mind (with the help of God) before all else not to trust
your own ideas at all; with all your strength humble yourself
before the brothers and cut your own will off from yourself.
If one of them insults you or another afflicts you some day,
pray for him as though he were performing great things for you
[in the role of] a physician to your vanity (as the fathers said).
As a result of that, your anger is lessened, for as the holy fathers
say, love is the bridle of anger. Above all, intercede with God to
grant you vigilance and intelligence to know ‘his good, acceptable,
and perfect will’ [Rom 12: 2] and also the power to be
made ‘perfect in every good work’”



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