The Power of Silence

“If you have in your pocket a radio that is turned on, you might not realize it in the hubbub of a city or of a street because the noise that it makes blends in with the environment. But if you enter a church, you suddenly understand that incessant chatter is coming from your pocket; the first thing you will do is try to turn it off. Alas, there is no switch to reduce the chattering of our imagination. . . The first step consists of becoming aware of this, even though it is not very pleasant. The silence that reigns in the monastery is not enough. Attaining communion in silence requires long work that is started over and over again indefinitely. We must be patient, and the efforts to be made are difficult; when our imagination finally agrees to cooperate and to quiet down, the moments of profound intimacy with God amply repay the efforts that were necessary to make room for him.”


– Robert  Cardinal Sarah, “The Power of Silence”


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