No Worries

The world desperately wants us to be depressed, terrified, sad, and angry. Just the other day, two people, age 50 and 78, got in a fight over a parking space. One actually killed the other. This is a sign of the stress and influence of the media and our politicians.

Life is really not like this, despite what the media reports. We need to walk away from this anxious life the world is trying to push on us.

Life is Christ.

From the Office of the Readings this morning:

 “Mighty and wonderful are your works,

      Lord God Almighty!

   Righteous and true are your ways,

      O King of the nations!

   Who would dare refuse you honor,

      or the glory due your name, O Lord?

   Since you alone are holy,

      all nations shall come

      and worship in your presence.

   Your mighty deeds are clearly seen.”

… Revelation 15

Walking in the forest yesterday, some of the true beauty in the world found:

And then, there’s this!

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