Eagle Moon

I was out for a motorcycle ride last night. The full moon was rising and there, along Highway 21 near Hokah, MN, this sight appeared! Just had to stop and take the shot.

4 Replies to “Eagle Moon”

    1. I was out riding the motorcycle, and I saw the full moon rising. I kept glancing over my shoulder at it thinking there just HAS to be a good shot of this somewhere. Turned east on Highway 21, looked up, and there it was!

      1. Awesome capture, Dan! Your work always amazes me. Whether it’s the ultra close ups of snowflakes or flowers or the wide shots of the beauty that surrounds you! I’m still chuckling at the last eagle image where it looks like one is chewing the other one out.

        1. I saw that full moon rising and just rode around until the right scene just popped up! More and more I’m liking black & white.

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