“The LORD’s is the earth and its fullness,
the world and all its peoples.
It is HE who set it on the seas;
on the waters HE made it firm.

Who shall climb the mountain of the Lord?
Who shall stand in his holy place?
The man with clean hands and pure heart,
who desires not worthless things,
who has not sworn so as to deceive his neighbor”

Psalm 24

So, what are we to make of the situation in this world? Corruption
is everywhere, in every institution; in government, in business, even
in the church. The temptation is to despair, to wash our hands of it
all and walk away. I certainly want to. I see no hope at all, in Man….

But….as the Psalm says, the world belongs to the Lord. And Jesus
himself said, “Fear not, I have overcome the world”.

My pastor’s sermon Sunday had a good point: God allows horrendously
evil things to happen sometimes. But He always has a reason and knows what He’s doing. And the point that really stuck with me in the sermon was, God allowed the most evil thing possible to happen, the crucifixion of Jesus.
Evil had apparently won. But this allowed the most wonderful thing that could even happen, the redemption of mankind at the Resurrection!

“I have overcome the world!”

One thing is needed…..Prayer.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament at our church.

“Stairway to Heaven” Just a cement staircase near the Fire Station in our town.

November temperatures have been in the 70’s all week. Just had to take some long rides on the motorcycle!

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