Walking in a local park, I noticed, hidden in the back along a stone wall, a “Historical Archive”. These carvings go back probably a hundred years. I wonder how their lives turned out. Where is “Aaron”, “SD”, and “Jenz” today?

Mercury Rising!

Amazing things happening, unknown to most.

Today, the planet Mercury crossed the sun, a rare occurrence. Thought I was out of luck as it was overcast early this morning, but then blue sky appeared.

Not a very spectacular site. It’s the little black dot just above and right of center in the photographs. Still, it was cool to watch another planet!

Ora et Labora

Grandpa, what do you do all day in the Monastery?

Well, we pray…and work…and pray…and work…

Monastic life is mostly two things, Prayer and work. We gather in the church and chant the Psalms 7 times a day, and in between, do simple manual labor. The labor is really just another kind of prayer.

It’s a very gentle, peaceful life.

Monastic Photography

Spending a couple of weeks at New Melleray Abbey, as I do every year. Can’t resist doing a little photography, of course…


Things to be found

Walking along a trail, no wildlife to be found. But if you look close enough, there are interesting things to be found!


Be careful, then, My child, of treating matters beyond your knowledge out of curiosity. Let it rather be your business and aim to be found, even though the least, in the kingdom of God. For though one were to know who is more holy than another, or who is greater in the kingdom of heaven, of what value would this knowledge be to him unless out of it he should humble himself before Me and should rise up in greater praise of My name?

… Thomas á Kempis

Simple things

Driving down the road, something caught my eye along the road. I pulled over and walked across the road. There it was…..just had to take a shot.

Yes, I’m easily entertained…


A few shots from church this morning on the Feast of the Assumption of Mary.

“My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord. My spirit rejoices in God my savior”